Michael Miller

Arrow Flight Plucked Midnight by Michael Miller - Navy Blue Feathers Metallic Gold - Quilting Cotton Fabric

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Arrow Flight Plucked Midnight by Michael Miller MC6986-midn-d

100% quilt weight cotton

FABRIC IS CUT CONTINUOUS EXCEPT FOR FAT QUARTERS. To purchase multiple continuous yards, select fabric length 1 yard and use the quantity drop-down to increase yardage. For a length such as 1.5 yards, add one yard and 1/2 yard to your cart separately, the piece will come continuous.

Fat Quarter is 18"Lx22"W
1/4 Yard is 9" Lx43"-45"W
1/3 Yard is 12"Lx43"-45"W
1/2 Yard is 18"Lx43"-45"W
2/3 Yard is 24"Lx43"-45"W
3/4 Yard is 27"Lx43"-45"W
ONE yard is 36"Lx43"-45"W

Please note that the fabric is cut straight off the bolt, meaning that it may not follow the print on the fabric.

If you need additional yardage or another fabric by this designer, please contact me.
Please join my Facebook group for pre-orders and specials! https://www.facebook.com/groups/RileyBlakeFabricRequest/

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